The Management

Under the leadership of Mr. Ashok Maheshwari and Mr. Naveen Sharda, the entire team of Nakshatra dedicatedly works to ensure that you have a remarkable emerald buying experience. It is the visionary approach of the founders that helped Nakshatra become a trustworthy source of ethically processed gemstones.

Directors Note:

"Nakshatra has been created on the foundation of trustworthiness and selfless dedication. In 2005, little did we know about how we would move forward, but we knew it shall be done with utmost honesty and integrity. With this as the common approach, everything we do as a company, we are committed to growth, professional excellence and community development. Since inception, we have been serving and supporting growth for both the customers and the employees. When it comes to buying rough material, we always want that our associates, customers, and retailers should feel that they are a part of our decision making process. We keep all the stakeholders in mind before going for a purchase decision. We also ensure that they trust us in helping them to make the right choice while buying finished material from us.

I take this opportunity to thank our customers and the visitors to invest your valuable time in knowing more about Emeralds and Nakshatra Gems."

Mr. Ashok Maheshwari is the youngest Executive Member of the Jewellers Association Jaipur. He has been honored with Bharat Gaurav Ratan Award for his dedication to the industry and seemingly effortless devotion towards society.

The second pillar of Nakshatra Gems is Mr. Naveen Sharda. His love for the glorious stones helped him excel the craft of manufacturing emerald in his native city, Jaipur, a leading center of gemstone and jewellery making. He developed a profound knowledge of the industry along with passion for this gemstone of royalty. He joined hands with his brother Mr. Ashok Maheshwari in 2005 to develop a one-of- its-kind emerald manufacturing center. Their strong bond, professional pride and industry expertise combined with relentless efforts, continuous research and high principles made Nakshatra one of the most prestigious, trusted and leading manufacturers of Emeralds in Jaipur.