There are few things in the world that could make you fall in love with them instantly. Emerald without a doubt is one of them. From the royal roads to red carpets, emeralds are popular everywhere. In fact, this precious gemstone is highly valued in the history and has always been a staple choice for all gemstone and jewelry enthusiasts.

Sourcing & Inspection

The sources of emerald are widespread from Asia to Africa, Europe, and America. The emeralds at Nakshatra are sourced from the best known deposits to ensure they naturally have the classy appeal and luster much desired by gemstone lovers. While Zambia is the major source for the emerald rough we receive, the Brazilian, Colombian, Ethiopian and Russian mines are other major deposits from where we procure the rough gem.

Once reaching our manufacturing unit in Jaipur, each piece required to go through our multi-level inspection. The rough stones are assorted based on the level of colour, inclusions, natural clarity, weight and many other parameters. Here it is important to tell you that emeralds naturally have inclusions such as fractures and fissures. They, therefore require to be well cut, polished and sometimes oiled to bring out their natural luster to life.

At Nakshatra, we consider many factors such as the color intensity, banding and zoning (if present), the visibility of the inclusions, the orientation of the cut and more to decide the future cut and shape of a rough emerald. Once, the examination is over, the stones are sent for sawing and grinding for pre-shaping.

Pre Shaping

This is by far the trickiest part of the cutting process as a cut and ground stone finally tells if it would turn into a wonder. A rough is sawed using a thin circular blade by the exceptionally precise inspections and markings which are done in the traditional manual manner. The stone is now ready for grinding, which is the next step of pre-shaping.

We adopt the most traditional practice of pre shaping to keep the true colours of the gems alive. Keeping the exceeding demand in mind, we have developed a team of experts which ensures the pace of production.

When grinding emeralds on a lap to produce its basic shape, we consider avoiding grinding on colour while reducing the inclusions so that the final faceting and polishing would increase the brilliance and vibrancy of the stone accordingly.

Faceting and Polishing

This is the step where we turn a dull looking emerald into a magical piece that ultimately conjures the onlookers. We have given an ideal platform to gem cutters for working in safe, hygienic and comfortable environment. Our gem cutters are incredibly skilled and specialize in the art of faceting and polishing to ensure the final piece will be as lustrous and vibrant as expected during the inspection. We have our own set of techniques and tools for faceting that are now a benchmark in the industry but are difficult to replicate.

Final Assorting

Once the processing of emeralds is done, the polished pieces are again sent for assorting based on their color, clarity, cut and carat size before final packaging and delivering. Just as the rough emeralds, the polished pieces are also handpicked to sort them in various quality grades that we have created at Nakshatra.

While we ourselves are the trademark for quality emeralds, Nakshatra also provides certifications from Gubelin, GRS, GIA, and other local verified laboratories.Being member of GJEPC, ICA, Jewellers Association Jaipur and other reputed organisations, Nakshatra Gems is leaving no stone unturned to make “emeralds more alluring”.